Gordon Smith

gordon smith

Gordon started training with Caledonian Muay Thai in January 2001 during his third year at University. Most of his time spent at Strathclyde University had not seen much in the way of exercise, and as a result saw him reach the far from magnificent weight of 110kg, and spending a lot of his time drunk or hung-over.

Having become disenchanted with the normal gym routines of weights and treadmills, he decided to train with Guy Ramsay with the sole purpose of losing weight and getting some sort of fitness level.

As Gordon got more involved with the sport, he decided to try gradings and interclub sparring sessions, grading under John Craig and Guy Ramsay to Blue 1 armband.

In April 2004, Gordon took his first fight at the Rumble in Ruchill, winning by 3rd round TKO. This was to be the start of a seemingly never-ending run of fights, including fights in Scotland, England and USA.

In 2005, Gordon took the step to B-Class fights, fighting at 66-68kg, marking an overall weight-loss of approximately 100lb and showing what can be done with a fatboy from Glasgow's Southside.