Jordan Calder

jordan calder

Titles held :

  • ISKA Commonwealth
  • UKMF British Champion
  • 2 Times ITKBA British Champion
  • STBA Scottish Champion
  • ISKA Northern Area Champion
  • IMTF Northern Area Champion
  • Sportfight Scotland Champion

Noteable fights :

  • Jose Varela (England) *Win
  • Abdel Yalmani (Belgium) *Win
  • Carl Copestake (England) *Win
  • Andrew Doyle (Ireland) *Win
  • Aaron O'Callaghan (Ireland) *Win
  • Mounir Nasri (France) *Win
  • Jimmy Choquart (France) *Win
  • Anth Shelton (England) *Win
  • Darren Whewell (England) *Win
  • Fikret Van Den Doel (Holland) *Win
  • Frank Lansink (Holland) *Win
  • Antoinne Dellanoy (France) *Win
  • Jonno Chipchase (England) *Win
  • Jack Scott Roberts (England) *Win
  • Yuya (Japan) *Win
  • Anth Shelton (England) *Win
  • Aiden Greenwood (England) *Win
  • Steven Lochhead (Scotland) *Win

Jordan started training in Muay Thai in 2003. His dad had been training for about 3 years and he kept badgering him to let him start Muay Thai. Eventually Brian let him come along and he has never looked back.

He is and always has been very dedicated and he loves Muay Thai and everything that goes with it. Jordan started fighting as a junior after training for one year and has now fought all over the UK. He is continuing to push his development, now competing in the adult ranks.

Jordan has been awarded STBA fighter of the year in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Jordan is the current STBA Junior Scottish, IMTF Northern Area Junior Champion and holds 2 ITKBA British Titles - all at only 13 years old! His dedication and hard work have paid off and he will defend his titles and go from strength to strength.