Hilary Mack vs. Laura Glencross (Maryport Dragons) 23rd November, Wakefield

Promoter: Dean White

Winner: Laura (pts)

Hil was originally set up to fight Zoe Green, but due to match problems ended up against Laura Glencross from Tommy Collins' gym in Maryport. Laura had several kilos and inches over Hil, in this her 9th fight, and Hil's 4th. Fought over 3x2 mins, the first round saw Hil try to get into range against the tall girl, which forced the fighters into the clinch. Both girls landed heavy knees, which became Laura's preferred technique for the fight, realizing that Hil was having problems with the range difference. Round two saw Hil throw some strong high kicks and left hooks, which Laura took well and tied Hil up in the clinch again. The constant clinch against a heavier opponent was tiring Hil out, and the third round was a war of attrition between the two. A points win to Laura, but a positive experience for Hil to hold her own against a stronger, more experienced fighter. Thanks to Tommy Collins and Laura for the match up, as it was a long way to go for no fight.