Battle of Atlantis, November 30th 2003

Promoter : Sandy Holt

Vanessa Lill vs. Helen Garnett (Wicker Camp, Sheffield)

Helen came out fast and strong, mixing good boxing with solid body and leg kicks, dominating the fight from the start. Vanessa was rocked by several left crosses from her southpaw opponent, and looked unsettled by the assault. The second round saw Vanessa beginning to move and respond better, but was unable to match the pace and power of the Sheffield girl, again closing well with strong accurate crosses to the head. Both Vanessa and her corner realized the danger in continuing the fight against such odds, and decided to retire from the fight before the 3rd round began. A trial by fire for V's first fight, and the debut of a definite star of the future in Wicker's Helen Garnett.

Peter Grant vs. Liam Hurst (North West Muay Thai, Burnley)

The Burnley fighter came out like a rocket and threw everything he had at Peter in the first round. Peter weathered the storm using excellent footwork and ringcraft, and then proceeded to dismantle his opponent in the subsequent rounds. Liam was looking for the one big shot to end the fight, allowing Pete to work fast combinations of hands and knees, keeping Liam off guard with a constant stream of left body kicks. A good points win for Peter in his first fight showing great composure in the face of an all out assault.