The last pro fights for this year featured three Caledonian fighters in Darlington, and one in Cleland, Lanarkshire.

Darlington, 6th December 2003

Promoter : Paul Hamilton

Naomi was up first and the fight was action packed for all three rounds. Both girls showed great technique for first time fighters, and were hitting hard and accurate. Naomi seemed to be the fitter of the two, with good recovery, possibly resulting in her not pushing as much as she could have, but this is down to experience. Rocking her opponent in the last round with strong long range boxing, the ref had to check her opponent, but allowed her to continue. The decision went to the English girl by way of points.

Davy MacIntosh looked much smaller than his opponent, but made up for it in terms of being fired up mentally. Realising the only way to convince the judges on home turf was by K.O., Davy chased his fighter around the ring for the opening half of the first round, taking some hits, but shrugging them off in his attempt to close down the English fighter. Taking a front kick to the face, Davy boxed his opponent into the ropes and let loose a strong right hand to the head, sending him crashing to the floor. Failing to make the count, Davy was awarded his first fight, and first win, by K.O.

This was Hil's 2nd fight against a heavier, stronger opponent in as many weeks, and the experience was definitely taking a toll on her confidence. By the second round however, Hil was back in action, delivering bursts of box and kick that began to turn the tables on the English fighter. Unable to work well in the clinch, and trying to move her opponent was tiring and frustrating for Hil, so she began to pick her shots and move out of range. Third round and Hil was improving her timing and accuracy with good use of left hooks,in offence and defence. The decision went on points to the English fighter, who had strong technique throughout, particularly her boxing.

Cleland, 6th December 2003

Promoter : Stevie Nesbitt

Paddy O'Brien took his second fight against Murray Balingall of the Phoenix gym in Cambuslang, having fought Johnny Walker from Phoenix six months previously. The break allowed Paddy to concentrate on improving his skills, and his fitness, which he has done with a determination bordering on fanatical. His opposition had seen Paddy's previous fight, which was predominantly boxing and kicking, and decided to close him down in the clinch for this one. Three rounds of clinching and hard knees ensued, with it becoming obvious that Paddy had become a different fighter since his first. With superior fitness and stronger kneeing technique, Paddy took the decision on points. As ever with the Phoenix fighters, it was a tough fight, with their boxers always going the distance. Well done to Paddy, and thank you to Dan, Kenny, and Big Mike for cornering while we were off in England.