20th June - Scottish Fight Night, Cleland

Promoted by Nai Jai & Sit Ayutthaya

Three caledonian fighters entered the ring for the first time, fighting class C rules.

Kenny Ho, 72kg, was first up against game opponent John Trew from dumfries dragons. First round saw kenny dominate throwing a well mixed tirade of kicks, knees, and boxing combos. 2nd round kenny dropped the pace and countered well, not looking under pressure at any stage. Third round saw kenny droppin his guard resulting in a few head shots landing, this spurred kenny into a return to his first round assault, and a convincing, technically sweet win.

Paddy O'Brien was next up at 70kgs against cambuslang phoenix fighter with two fights already under his belt. Trading strong boxing and body kicks both fighters worked hard to assert their authority in the first round, with the phoenix fighter showing more accurate boxing. Round two saw the phoenix fighter dominate in the clinch, and using strong front kicks to force paddy back in the ring. Round three and both fighters went hell for leather with the phoenix fighter emerging the winner. A very close fought bout, and a very impressive debut from paddy.

Big Mike Strachan,86kg vs. Big Bad Imran Qayum (glasgow thai boxing academy) 96kg. Despite giving away 10kgs, mike's height gave him a great reach advantage over the more solidly built g.t.b.a fighter. the opening round saw fierce boxing from imran, countered well by solid low kicks from mike. Clinching was fairly scrappy in the first round, with both fighters looking for position rather than throwing accurate knees. Round two saw mike dominating the clinch with powerful right side knees to imran's ribs. Mike began to capitalise on his success in low kicking causing imran to lose balance. By the third round, imran@s lead leg was causing him severe difficulty as mike continued to punish him with low kicks. Mike secured victory inflicting a standing eight on imran in the final seconds. Impressive debut against a heavier opponent, watch this space...

Kenny Ho was awarded fighter of the night due to his technical excellence and fighting spirit, a fantastic night for caledonian and the S.M.T.C.