Fight Report

A cracking display of technique and stamina from both first time fighters, against quality local fighters from the darlington boxing and martial arts academy.

Thomas Young (Caledonian) vs. Mike Payne Darlington (B.M.A) 62kgs

1st round saw Thomas under a barrage of fast hand combos, which he took well on his gloves. Settling in to the clinch, he began to work solid knees to the body, breaking out to deliver high round kicks at very close range. 2nd round saw both fighters deliver accidental groin shots, breaking the pace of the fight. His opponent still favouring boxing, pushed forward for most of this round, forcing Thomas to work off the back foot. Thomas realising his advantage in the clinch began to work accurate knees. A knee to the face, ruled incidental, left Thomas rattled, but not out. Resuming the fight he immediately threw a high round kick, catching his opponent squarely on the head, shortly before the bell. Third round saw Thomas varying between high kicks and good clinch and knee technique, to counter the strong, rapid boxing technique of the Darlington fighter. A hard fight resulting in a draw, with both fighters showing excellent technique and stamina.

Paul McVeigh (DNFT) vs. Terry Anderson Darlington (B.M.A), 62 kgs

Both fighters came out looking very strong, with Paul giving away a few inches in height. The Darlington fighter favoured strong hand and body kick combinations, Paul realising he would have to work inside the range of the taller fighter. Good clinch work from Paul allowed him to throw some solid knees. 2nd round, Paul threw some good overhand right crosses, but was unable to drop his opponent, who kept up his box and kick combos, showing good explosive stamina. Beginning to find his kicking range, Paul used his left low kick to counter the Darlington fighter's kicks. 3rd round saw Paul push for the clinch as this was his favoured range during the fight, both fighters exchanging knees, Paul being the more accurate and effective. A close fight that saw the Darlington fighter win on points, having dominated the outside range, with Paul dominating the clinch.