Inchyra Grange - October 2004

Steven Maclaren vs. Jamie Travers, Stirling

Very close fought bout, with both lads trading strong kicks. Steven had the edge in the clinch landing solid knees, but began to tire during the 3rd round, where his opponent capitalised on good boxing combo's making Stevie look for the defence, rather than maintaining his attack. All in all a good pro debut for Steven, and a hard fought for win for Jamie. Looking forward to seeing both lads back in action.

Allan Mackay vs. Michael Carlyle, Annan Dragons

Allan came out all guns blazing, showing good box and low kick combos. Much of the fight was spent in the clinch with both fighters throwing good knees, and using quality thai takedowns, rather than wrestling. Allan kept up the pressure to hold the current Scottish champion to a draw. Allan can be well proud of himself in this his second fight against an experienced opponent. Good luck to Michael Carlyle as he prepares for the junior amateurs in Thailand.

Pete vs. Ross Cameron, Nai Khanom Tom, Bo'ness

This was a frustrating fight for Pete as his opponent was a good counter fighter, forcing Pete to maintain a high work rate and pressing forward throughout the three rounds. Ross began to run out of steam allowing Pete to take the points win in a hard fought bout, that tested both lads' fitness.