Eddie Cheung vs. Shane Boal (SMTC) 70kg

2nd round t.k.o. to shane. Eddie took his first fight at a week's notice and started off strong, but the constant pressure, particularly in the clinch, from Shane caused Eddie to fatigue quite quickly. Shane upped the pace in the second, wary of a potential stoppage due a cut on his head from an accidental clash of heads, and several undefended hard low kicks resulted in referee John Blackledge stepping in and awarding shane the t.k.o. Good display from Shane Boal, looking fit and up for it. Trial by fire for Eddie Cheung, look forward to seeing him geting back in the ring soon.

Dip Singh vs Greg McCreadie (SMTC) 57kg

Cracking fight from the start, saw a good even first round with plenty of hard knees being thrown, and Dip using his side kick to fend off Greg who pressed forward with good boxing and body kicks. Round two, Dip landed a high left round kick, resulting in an eight count. Greg rallied well and finished strong. Both lads came out hard in the final round, with Dip finding a little more accuracy, fending off Greg with his jab. Decision on points to Dip, a close fight, respect to Greg who pushed forward the entire fight.