Congratulations to the Caledonian Fighters who took part in this GFC Muay Thai show
Heywood Civic Centre
Promoter : Darren Philips

Channel Borgan, Kao Loi, Harrogate vs Hilary Mack

Emily Allen vs Jo McGourty, Bad Company Leeds (3x2)

Emily showed immense courage taking this fight at 5 days notice against a fighter from one of the top gyms in the country. Emily responded to Jo's boxing with great body kicks, left and right side, moving from there to the clinch, where despite being shorter, pushed her opponent to the ropes, throwing good knees. Jo responded with boxing and kicking combos. In the third round Emily's fitness began to waver, understandably, and Jo finished looking the fitter fighter. The decision went on majority to Jo, although the Caley corner felt Em had done enough to warrant at least a draw. A fantastic effort from both fighters, looking forward to seeing them in action again. A good indication that at novice level the technical standard of women's muay thai is in good shape.

Chanel Borgan, Kao Loi, Harrogate vs Hilary Mack (IMKO Bantamweight British Title 5x2)

This was always going to be a difficult prospect for both fighters - Chanel giving away 3kgs, Hilary taking the fight on a days notice, having been training hard the day before the fight. Not ideal for either camp, but respect is due to both fighters for accepting the challenge. First round started off fast with Hil replying to Chanel's strong single shots with rapid combos, tying her up in the clinch where Hil had the stronger knees. Round 2 started in the clinch, with strong knees from Hil, and good balance breaking from Chanel. Hil managed to break out and land a good head kick, rocking Chanel. Chanel regained composure and threw Hil down from the clinch. Hil settled into her range advantage in the third, using boxing counters to Chanel's kicks. Hil began to land low kicks to good effect. The fourth saw both fighters act more cautiously, trying to size up potential openings, Hil using the teep, and Chanel looking for the overhand right. Round five saw Hil find the range for her teep and sent Chanel to the floor. Good body and low kicks sealed the fifth and final, and Hil took the fight on a points decision to lift the title.

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