Congratulations to Hilary Mack who took part in this Lou Neglia show
in New York City

June 10th 2005 - Combat at the Capitale, New York City, USA

Hilary Mack vs. Kat Diaz

Diaz won by stoppage in the third round. Although Hilary was never knocked down, the referee stopped the fight after 2 standing eights, concerned at the amount of head shots Hilary was taking.

This was Hilary's hardest fight to date, against an exceptionally tough and experienced fighter. Diaz stuck to her strengths, and threw boxing shots for the entire fight and pressed Hilary against the ropes neutralising any opportunity to work the clinch. Guy and Hilary have learned a lot from this experience and would like to thank everybody again for their support.

The Thank Yous

Guy and Hil would like to thank Kru Phil Nurse and all at the wat,
Phil Nurse and Guy Ramsay
Jeremy 'Primo' Bellrose from Vision Quest muay thai (Brooklyn),
Guy Ramsay and Primo
Mark Negron and Zhang Li from San Da, Kingsway boxing gym (Manhattan).
Mark Negron and Zhang Li

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