Superpower Showdown - 18th June 2005

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Fight Card & Results

Muay Thai

Steven Reynolds (Nai Jai) vs Chris Horne (CMT)

  • Chris Horne wins

Chris Shaw (Wossobama) vs Paul Grant (Sit Ayuthaya) STBA Scottish Title

  • Chris Shaw wins

James Jarvie (Fighting Fit) vs Craig Jose (Sor Thanikul)

  • James Jarvie wins

Eddie Lopez (Glasgow Thai Boxing Academy) v Rab Weir (STBA)

  • Rab Weir wins

Dougie Clark (Fighting Fit) V Brian Wands (Nai Jai)

  • Dougie Clark wins

Andrew O'Brien (STBA) v Peter Tiarkis (Sor Thanikul)

  • Peter Tiarkis wins

Stephen Strotmeyer (Sit Dragon Leg) vs Graeme Ness (Fighting Fit)

  • Graeme Ness wins

Gordon Ross (STBA) vs Mark de Luca (Sit Dragon Leg)

  • Mark de Luca wins

Jamie Whitelaw (Sit Ayuthaya) vs Ahmet Calk (Team Killer Fighters, Akdeniz Gym, Holland)

  • Ahmet Calk wins

Gordon Smith (CMT) vs Christiaan Kooista (Team Killer Fighters, Akdeniz Gym, Holland)

  • Gordon Smith wins

John Dick (Glasgow Thai Boxing Academy) vs Jonathon Watt (Black Dragons) STBA Scottish Title

poster - click for full-size version
  • Jonathon Watt wins

Louise "Loopy Lou" McLaughlin (Sit Ayuthaya Hamilton) vs Michelle Ness (Fighting Fit) STBA Scottish Title

  • Michelle Ness wins

Stacy Butler (Glasgow Thai Boxing Academy) vs Trish Carson (CMT) STBA Scottish Title

  • Trish Carson wins

MMA featuring the Dinky Ninja Fight Team

James Doolan (DNFT) vs Micky Young (Progressive Combat)

  • Micky Young wins with a rear naked choke

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