Power of Scotland - Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing - Braehead Arena, Glasgow

12th March 2006

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STBA Junior Scottish Title

  • Dale Murray (NKT Irvine) Vs. Jordan Calder (Caledonian) - (5x1.5mins) 42kg WIN TO JORDAN

Ritchie Hocking (NKT Johnstone) Vs. Paul Fallon (Phoenix) - (4x2mins - IFMA Amateur Full Thai Rules) 63kg JUNIOR WIN TO RITCHIE

Alan Hunter (Highlanders) Vs. Stevie Meikle (Caledonian) - (5x2mins) 67kg WIN TO STEVIE

John Douglas (NKT Barrhead) Vs. Gordon Ross (NKT Denny) - (5x2mins) 67kg WIN TO GORDON

John Cullen (NKT Clydebank) Vs. Thomas Young (Caledonian) - (5x2mins) 63kg WIN TO JOHN

Inter Communications 8-MAN TOURNAMENT (63.5kg):

Round 1

  • Pete Chung Sortaskin, SCOTLAND Vs. Mark Grainger Fighting Fit, SCOTLAND WIN TO PETE
  • Lloyd Cochran NKT Barrhead, SCOTLAND Vs. Guy Ramsay WIN TO LLOYD
  • Nico Veresen Chikara Lint, BELGIUM Vs. Ian McCulley Caledonian, SCOTLAND WIN TO NICO
  • Alan Jamieson NKT Johnstone, SCOTLAND Vs. Rung (Rungnakhorn) THAILAND WIN TO RUNG

Lex Easdon Vs. Paul Smith KICKBOXING WIN TO LEX

STBA Lightheavyweight Scottish Title

  • Colin Carson (NKT Irvine) Vs. Eddie Scott (Sit Ayuthaya) - (5x3mins) 81kg WIN TO COLIN

Inter Communications 8-man Tournament - Semi-Finals

Round 2

  • Pete Chung Sortaskin, SCOTLAND Vs. Lloyd Cochran NKT Barrhead WIN TO PETE
  • Nico Veresen Chikara Lint, BELGIUM Vs. Rung (Rungnakhorn) THAILAND WIN TO NICO

ISKA European Super-flyweight

  • Rab Weir (NKT Irvine) Vs. Sebastian Oceania (Team Phoenix, FRANCE) - (5x3mins) 53.5kg WIN TO SEBASTIAN

Paul McVeigh (Dinky Ninjas) Vs. Nayeb Hezam (French Top Team, FRANCE) - (3x5mins) 62kg MMA WIN TO PAUL

Tim Thomas (Bedford, ENGLAND) Vs. Ahmedi Bijan (Superpro, BELGIUM) - (5x3mins) 69kg WIN TO TIM

Inter Communications 8-man Tournament - Final

Round 2

  • Pete Chung Sortaskin, SCOTLAND Vs. Nico Veresen Chikara Lint, BELGIUM WIN TO NICO

Hilary Mack (Caledonian) Vs. Debby Broeders (Friends Gym, HOLLAND) - (5x2mins) 56kg Debby Broeders failed to make weight

STBA Featherweight Scottish Title

  • John Dick (GTBA) Vs. Jonathan Watt (Black Devils) - (5x2mins) 57kg WIN TO JOHN

James Doolan (Dinky Ninjas) Vs. Frederic Fernandez (French Top Team, FRANCE) - (3x5mins) 64kg MMA WIN TO FREDERIC

Loopy Lou (Sit Ayuthaya) Vs. Najat Hasnoun-Alaouii (Universal Gym, BELGIUM) - (5x2mins) 63kg WIN TO LOU


From the Press Pack

"On 12th March 2006, Braehead Arena will feature the very best of Scotland's full contact martial arts fighters. The Scottish fighters will be going head-to-head or accepting challenges from their counterparts in both England and mainland Europe. This promises to be Scotland's largest and most exciting martial arts event yet! The Power of Scotland event will feature 3 of the most exciting styles of martial arts in the world : Muay Thai, Kickboxing and MMA.

The show promises to put Scotland on the martial arts map! It will be filmed for Eurosport to be broadcast to 250million people in 54 different countries and also by Channel 5, which will allow some of Scotland's best athletes to be showcased at an international level, as they take on some of the finest in the world. The Braehead Arena has a capacity of 6000 people, but when you consider that there are over 5000 people practicing Muay Thai in Scotland and a massive potential audience of 1.5million people within 25 minutes drive of the Arena, it would be advisable to get your tickets quickly.

Muay Thai

Described as the Science of 8 Limbs, Muay Thai promises devastating blow, delivered with balance and precision. It is the national sport of Thailand and has a history dating back over 3000 years and is now the fastest growing Martial Art in the World. Athletes can use boxing, elbows, knees and kicks of 5 exciting 3 minutes rounds.


Kickboxing started in the USA during the 1970s when American karate practitioners became frustrated with strict controls on martial arts competitions that didn't allow full contact. The sport has now spread all over the world to the extent where Paisley's own Lex Easdon has won 6 World Titles and is now targeting the only belt outstanding in his collection!


Mixed Martial Arts is fast becoming a very popular spectator martial art. The reason being, many martial arts stop when they go to the floor, but that is when MMA really warms up! MMA is a fill contact sport that blends stand-up fighting and ground fighting. One warning, don't blink! Bouts can end in an instant!"

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