Combat at the Capitale, 23 June 2006 - Click for full-size Poster

Combat at the Capitale

23 June 2006

Hardip Singh vs Andy Singh (Extreme Muay Thai)

Dip vs Andy - image from

Hil reports that Dip was awesome giving the best showing she has seen to date. By all accounts, it was a close fought match coming down to a points decision. "Dip's technique was spot on and he was even firing out that right cross he forgot about in his last fight! His kicking was spot on too and he threw some great knees. He didn't get to fight until nearly 1am USA time which left him feeling a bit drained of energy. ...loads of the audience, the ref, and Neglia himself commented on the greatness of the fight - best of the night by far!"

Nice to see Justin who trained with Tommy and did one of the Caley interclubs wearing his Caley gear in the audience. Since coming back to USA he has had 9 fights in a year! He drove all the way from Philly and back especially to see Dip.


"Andy & Hardip Singh put on quite a battle for the WKA N.E. 120lb. Muay Thai championship. The two lightweight fighters put on one of the most entertaining matches of the evening with their high paced kickboxing clinic. Andy Singh was the "sharper" of the two and out worked Hardip to capture the Championship via a unanimous decision after five hard fought rounds."

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