Thepprasit Stadium in Chonburi - Muay Thai

29 June 2006

Stephen Meikle vs Toytong S. Thepprajak

Stephen reports : "I had been practicing blocking body kicks and was told to use my right body kick and long knees, this was fine until my south paw opponent threw a body kick that almost broke my forearm and I realised that I really needed to block better. I then managed to patch together some decent kicks to his legs and body and move in to knee range better. He kept trying to keep me at distance and use his kicks to drain me then clinch up quickly. By the end of the round he was scoring better."

Then in the 2nd round I changed to boxing and found his jaw to be quite open so I was stepping in with jabs and uppercuts. Half way through the round I dropped him with a left jab, left uppercut and then a right downward elbow that caught him on the side of the head. He got up and tied me up in the clinch and tried to keep me away with kicks, but at the last 10 seconds I caught him with a right body and then came straight through with a left elbow that caught him on the temple."