Carlisle Fight Night

11th February 2007

Paula Wilkie v Sam Beck (Darlington)

Despite pushing herself to the limit cutting weight, Paula took a weight advantage into the fight - her corner were not sure she would get through the fight. Hoever, she did so with great courage, landing some cracking right hooks to body and head of Sam. The fight was evenly split between one or the other conceding ground and then giving chase, leaving the judges no alternative but to award a draw.

Paula's Pictures

Dip Singh v Peter Killiard (Base Muay Thai)

3 rounds of non-stop action, with every range of Muay Thai being shown in gutsy form from both fighters. Dip landed with a little more accuracy and power showing good clinch, turn and strike. Fast paced, excellent work from both fighters throughout. Dip took the decision, racking up another 3 rounds of good experience. A great performance from a worthy opponent in Peter.

Dip's Pictures

Jenny Gibb v Mandy (Carlisle)

Jenny's return to fighting after a serious KO wrecked her confidence was fast, furious, and distinctly one way! Making use of strong low kicks and fast hands, Jenny was relentless, giving her opponent little time or space to counter. It was great to see Jenny back in action and taking a well deserved win. Guy and Jenny would like to thank James Graham of Fighting Fit for taking Jenny into the Fife camp with open arms and letting her flourish as a thai boxer whilst in the east coast. This win goes out to them as it does to all at Caledonian.

Jenny's Pictures