power of scotland 2

Power of Scotland - Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing - Braehead Arena, Glasgow

4th March 2007

Hilary Mack v Jennifer Martinez

A calm, controlled performance from Hilary with tremendous clinch work resulting in a win.

Tommy Young v Andrew O'Brien

A composed and devastatingly accurate Tommy wins.

"I'd probably say that my favourite fighter of the whole day was Tommy Young. It looked to me like he was reacting to his opponent (a good one at that) before his opponent was even making the move. He was constantly walking forward throughout the fight and kept his mind completely on the job at all times, working in a clinical, systematic manner to take the victory." from www.cagewarriors.com/

John Cullen v Mark DeLuca

Tremendous bout from two very likeable fighters. A hard fought draw.

8to1 Tournament - Stevie Meikle v Denis Varsaxa

Win to Denis by KO.

Dinky Ninjas

Two wins and a loss for the Dinkys with James and Paul making rapid work of their victories by way of a monster hook and rear naked choke respectively.

Power of Scotland I - pictures / results

Watch out for PoS III in October 2007!

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