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Carlisle Show

9 March 2008

Willie Demster(Dumfries Dragons) vs Stevie Meikle 67.5 FTR

Stevie 'Budgie' Meikle put in a dominant performance against Wug Dempster from Dumfries Dragons on Sunday, using teeps and round kicks to constantly back up Dempster, by round three Stevie was clearly ahead and began to search for a finish with his elbows, success finally came in the 5th, when he found the right range for a spinning elbow and opened up a nasty cut on Dempster's head. This brought the fight to a close, a good stoppage to add flourish to a strong performance. Good to see Stevie back in action. Cheers to the corner crew - Eddie and Dip-for pads, support, and getting elbowed a lot by Stevie in the run up.

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