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Battlegroup presents Caledonia Fury

15 March 2008

Duncan Ireland v Alex Davidson (GSR Fight Team)
SKBF Welterweight Thai Boxing Title Fight

This was to be a night of firsts for Duncan's last Thai boxing fight. First 5x2 fight, first title shot and the first time he was to win a fight through the disqualification of the other fighter for biting him during the bout!

Weighing in at 67kg for Duncan and 66kg for Alex all looked set for a good wee bout at the Maryhill Community Centre on Duncan Airlie James' Caledonia Fury show. There was a good wee buzz in the fighters' area with a wide range of styles and clubs represented.

Round 1 saw a measured start from Duncan, with Davidson throwing some strong looping left hooks and some crashing low kicks most of which were blocked. Towards the end of the round the fight moved to the clinch and Duncan started to work his knees allowing him to take the round. The bell rang and both fighters returned to their corners.

Round two saw the fight move from striking to clinching ranges throughout with Duncan throwing some more striking techniques and continuing to work the clinch with some strong knees to add R2 to the first.

The third saw more of the same with Alex continuing to work his powerful boxing shots but he was beginning to look uncomfortable in the clinch and some of the knees were really sinking deep affecting Davidson allowing a combination culminating in a right high to be landed by Duncan. And then, during the clinch, Alex Davidson bit Duncan, clearly leaving marks. Strange behaviour from a fighter who had carried himself well in the run up to the bout in the fighters area and who clearly had some strong striking weapons to work with. The third round finished with Duncan ahead again and the Caledonian corner brought the bite mark to the Officials' attention and the GSR Fight Team fighter Alex Davidson was disqualified.

Thanks to :

Duncan would like to thank Guy for all the training both for this fight and in the 5 years he has been training with the Caley crew. Thanks to the University of Strathclyde Muay Thai Club for going through some of the fight prep pain and enduring the guy-o-metrics in the run up and in particular Bob & Adam for their cornering and pad-holding. To all those who came along to support - big thanks for cheering those knees ;-)