GFC Bury

18 May 2008

Jordan Calder v Anthony Shelton (Phoenix)

Points win to Jordan.

Fought over 5x2s, Jordan, although tested, took each round in this tough fight. Fighting with head contact using shin pads against 16 year old Shelton, Jordan encountered a very good, fast and accurate boxer who started fast. In the first round Jordan caught Shelton with a right high kick flush on the chin, but the tough/fit Shelton weathered it.

The fight was mostly in the clinch with Jordan scoring well with his knees to the body; Shelton worked his boxing, throwing the occassional low kick. Jordan (14) once again proved he has what it takes to go a long way in Thai Boxing upping the pace in the 5th and winning the round convincingly. Summing up the fight, he said simply "I don't want easy fights. I want hard fights where I am going to learn."

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