Lumpinee Stadium, Thailand

26 July 2008

Poster - Click for full size

Jordan Calder v Yoya (Japan)

Points win for Jordan! First round was pretty even with Jordan was off-balancing Yoya with powerful body kicks and the 2nd round saw more of the same. A minute into the 3rd round Jordan threw a right body kick and as his foot touched the ground he threw a short right hand which landed flush on Yoya's jaw and dropped him.

He took an 8 count and came back strong but Jordan was dominant and was constantly off balancing his opponent with his power, both kicking and punching. 4th round was close but Jordan did enough to edge it and in the 5th round Yoya knew he needed a knockout to win but couldn't manage it. Jordan constantly outscored him with bodykicks and won the round and the fight.

This is a tremendous result for Jordan against a much more experienced and 3 years older Yoya. This was Jordan's first full thai rules fight and at just 14 years old he was the youngest Scotsman to ever fight at Lumpinee, and the youngest from the UK to fight there as well.