Scotland taking on the World - Oran Mor, Glasgow

14 September 2008

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The Griphouse and Sportfight Scotland proudly present Scotland taking on the World.

Doors at Noon. First fight at 1pm.

James Doolan v Rung - ISKA World Title

A hungry looking Rung wins by elbow cut stoppage in 2:25 of round 2 following a solid knee 8 count earlier in the fight.

James says "Fight was fun, got slashed across my forehead with a wicked elbow and the ref stopped it, stitched up and back training now.

Rung was awesome; never allowed me to get into a rhythm and constantly changed his whenever I got near to catching up to it, training had been good, I had watched lots of tape on him but when it came to it he was doing lots of little subtle movements and creating/taking away angles/space you can't really prepare for in training.

Don't mind losing (or a setback depending on how you look at it) to anyone near his calibre."

Marty Nicholson (Scot) v Steve McCombe (Ireland)

Steven "Taz" McCombe wins via guillotine choke after 0:35 of round 1

Jojo Calderwood (Scot) v Christi Campbell (England)

Fight of the night? The two ladies gave their all in an incredibly close bout. Win to JoJo by majority decision.

Scott Ward (Scot) v Ronan McKay (Ireland)

Ronan McKay wins via kimura after 4:25 of round 1

Jordan Calder (Scot) v Jack Scott Roberts (England)

Jordan had to work hard to take this majority victory over a very mobile opponent.

Michael Wiseman (Hostile Territory) v Bobby McVitie (Viper)

Bobby McVittie wins via triangle choke after 2:22 of round 2

Tommy Young (Scot) v Dan Hadfield, (Spartans, England)

A brilliant match up showcasing two great talents. Tommy Young wins on split decision.

Ryan Hurley (SMTC) v Conor MacEwan (Sit Ayuthaya)

A composed Conor takes the majority win against a busy opponent.

Adam Stevenson (Hostile Territory) v Declan Larkin (Ireland)

Tidy superman punch takes the win for Adam after 3:49 of round 1

Allan 'No' Love (DNFT Griphouse)v John Humphries (Fife)

Alan "No" Love wins via armbar after 1:07 of Rd 1

Dave Nichol (Caledonian Griphouse) v Mitchell Flett (Inverness)

Dave takes the win unanimously on points.


  • Ref and senior ISKA official- John Blackledge (England)
  • Chief judge - Craig Jose (England)
  • Ref - Willy McKracken (Scotland)

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