Where Eagles Dares - Eagle Lodge, Bishopbriggs

26 October 2008

Poster - Click for full size

Doors at 1pm and first fight at 2pm.

Stephen Meikle (Caledonian) v Craig Jose (Sorthanikul, Newcastle) : 70 kg / Full Thai Rules

Meikle wins on points

Gordon Smith (Caledonian) v Kev Cottrell (Fighting Fit) - Scottish Title

Smith wins on points

Mani (Lenzie KKC) v Mike Mageochan (Dragons)

Mageochan wins on points

Adrian Wedolowski (Caledonian) v Adam Little (Dragons)

Wedolowski wins with R5 stoppage

Adam Batley (Craig Willis) v Dean Reilly (DNFT)

Reilly by R1 stoppage

Loz Reilly (Craig Willis) v Steven Brown (Wossobama)

Brown wins by R3 stoppage

Jordan Calder (Caledonian) v Jonno (Frankie's Gym)

Calder wins on points

Ali Rankin (Caledonian) v Ewan Irvine (Fighting Fit)

Rankin wins on points

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