International Muay Thai & MMA - Oran Mor, Glasgow

1 March 2009


The Griphouse and Sportfight Scotland proudly present International Muay Thai & MMA.

Clann An Drumma set the scene for the show with a pounding soundtrack in sets at the start and during the interval.

Muay Thai

Jordan Calder (Scot) v Frank Lansing (Holland) 58kg

A strong performance from Jordan sees him take the win.

Hilary Mack (Scot) v Florence Delaroche (France) 54kg

A composed showing from Mack earned her a unanimous points victory against an awkward opponent.

Paula Wilkie (Scot) v Julie Kitchen (England) 64kg

An awesome showing from Paula against the massively experienced Julie. Kitchen showed why she is a champion against an increasingly determined Wilkie who improved in each and every round. Win to Kitchen.

Kathryn Gallagher (Scot) v Caz Brixton (England) 59kg

Working well with her hands and trying to get inside the taller Brixton, Kathyrn seemed tireless but Caz worked the clinch to take the win.

Michael Wiseman (Hostile Territory) v Sean Elliot (SMTC) 70kg

Wiseman wins on points.

Lyn Min-Din (Caledonian) v Sean McDonald (SMTC) 64kg

Working initially off a strong base and punishing body kicks, Min-Din added the clinch, footwork, boxing and countering skills he works to pass on at the Griphouse and Caledonian classes to deliver a real showcase of his talent. A convincing victory for Lyn over a strong, more experienced McDonald.

Adrian Wedolowski (Caledonian) v Jamie Whitelaw (Sit Ayuthaya) 72kg

A devastating display of power and variety of technique from Adrian simply overpowered a game Whitelaw.


James "Thaison" Doolan (Dinky Ninjas) v Steve "Taz" McCombe (E.F.R) 63.5kg

Win to Doolan.

John Quinn (Dinky Ninjas) v Per Frieden (GBG mma,Sweden) 77kg

Winn to Quinn.

James Jarvie (Headhunters) v Domingos Mestre (GBG mma,Sweden) 73kg

Anaconda choke win to Jarvie.

Dean Reilly (DNFT) v Bobby McVitie (Team Viper) 70kg

Head kick KO win to Dean.

Amro Boray (Team Volcano) v Joe Nugent (Team Viper) 77kg

Win to Nugent

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