New Breed 6

29 August 2009


Ross Robertson (Phoenix) V Bradley Newlands (Caledonian) 36kgs Junior

Congratulations to Bradley fighting and winning this his second fight over 5x1.5 minute rounds, against a very good, tough opponent. It was a big occasion for him fighting in front of a 500 strong sell-out crowd and being on 1st. The 1st round was pretty even with both boys trading body kicks and Brad working on his teep; in the clinch Bradley was the stronger turning his opponent onto the ropes and scoring with straight knees. 2nd round saw much of the same. Following his corner's advice, Bradley looked to step it up in rounds 3, 4 and 5 and he did this winning all of those rounds on the judges scorecards. He won the fight with strong body kicks, straight knees in the clinch and catching body kicks/off-balancing his opponent; sweeping him to the ground.

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