MSA Muay Thai Premier League

7 November 2009


Jordan Calder (British Champion) v Anthony Shelton (#1 Contender) UKMF Title Fight

This fight opened the Supershow - the biggest show to ever be held in the UK and it didn't dissapoint providing one of the fights of the day. 5x3s knees to the head for an adult UKMF British Title.

Jordan who only recently turned 16 fought the older Anth Shelton (18) from Phoenix Gym. Jordan had a cracking opening round showing himself to be the stronger fighter in the clinch and sweeping Shelton to the canvas on more than one occasion and keeping Shelton at bay, scoring well with body kicks and teeps.

2nd round was more of the same with Jordan hurting Shelton with low kicks and midway through the round Jordan had Anth in the clinch in Anth's corner and Jordan turned him and hit him with a right knee to the body and Anth sagged and then Jordan followed that up with a straight left knee to the body which dropped Anth for an 8 count. Anth made the count and saw the round out. In the 3rd Jordan continued to dominate and score well with body kicks and knees in the clinch, into the 4th round and Anth started to come into the fight a bit more and this was a much closer round but Jordan won it with some nice sweeps taking Anth to the canvas and also with some nice teeps off-balancing his opponent.

The 5th round was the best round of the fight turning into a bit of a war with Anth knowing he needed to knock Jordan out to win the fight he went for it and Jordan had to dig deep. Both young men going at it for the whole round, what a fight this turned out to be. Both boys are a credit to Muay Thai, unfortunately there could only be one winner and the judges gave a unanimous win to Jordan who was crowned the New UKMF British Champion.

Stevie Meikle v Jordan Watson

Win to Jordan.

Watch out for this show on Sky Sports 1 / 2 in December.

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