Highland Warriors - Elgin

22 November 2009

Ailsa Currie v Siana Hughes (Moray Muay Thai)

The girls set a fast pace and high work rate for this encounter. The opening round was very busy with both fighters working hard. Round 2 saw Ailsa scoring more cleanly as Siana stayed busy. Round 3 was a decisive round from the Caledonian fighter, finding a strong right cross and earning an 8 count. Rounds 4 and 5 saw Siana continuing to work hard but being frustrated by accurate scoring and strong punching from Ailsa. Great unanimous points win for Ailsa.

Bob Murdoch v Vernon Rowley (Rung Thai Inverness)

Possibly the most measured fight of the show, Bob and Vernon were working to game plans based on their height difference. Round 1 was even with both fighters settling in. Round 2 saw the shorter Vernon work his plan, coming in close and working the clinch to take the round with knees. Round 3 saw a reversal of fortune as Bob worked a strong bodykick into knee combo, set up with some crisp boxing. Rounds 4 and 5 were less emphatic but Bob continued to score well at range and then hold his own in the clinch as Vernon never quite found the success of his second round again. Unanimous points win to Bob.

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