Christmas Cracker

12 December 2009

Gary O'Brien v Adam Mack (O'B Gym)

Win and STBA Heavyweight Title to Gary!

Brad Newlands v George Mann (O'Brien's Gym)

Bradley's original opponent (Sean Hannigan) had to pull out due to injury on the morning of the show. Bradley still went to the weigh in because there was another opponent for him (George Mann O'Brien's Gym) who was an undefeated fighter.

The 1st round saw both boys feeling each other out with body kicks and knees in the clinch and was quite even. In the 2nd round Bradley was more relaxed and confident and he started to let his body kicks and teeps go. He then went into the clinch and locked onto George and listened to his corner team and hit George with a flurry of straight knees to the body which resulted in the referee giving George a standing 8 count.

The 3rd round was a close round again, not much in it. Bradley then upped the pace at the start of the 4th and dominated on the outside with strong body kicks and teeps and was stronger and busier in the clinch turning his opponent and kneeing him in the back for big scores. The 5th round was much the same and Bradley finished strong against the now tiring George Mann.

This was Bradley's best performance to date and a great way for him to end the year, winning this fight by unanimous decision. Next year is going to be a big year for him.

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