For The Glory Of

31 January 2010


Bradley Newlands v Maculay (Kaobon Chester)

The fight started pretty evenly in the 1st round with both boys matching each other in the clinch but Bradley just edging it on the outside with strong body kicks compared to his opponents low kicks.

It looked like Brad's opponent was more of a box and low-kick fighter, so in the 2nd round Bradley was outscoring him with body kicks and starting to outscore him in the clinch as well with strong knees. At the end of the round Brad teeped his opponent to the canvas for a big score securing the round.

Following his corner's advice to stay out of the clinch and just fight on the outside Brad landed strong body kicks and teeps which were only responded to with low kicks giving Brad the upper hand in scoring. This was what happened for the rest of the fight, Brad's opponent was tiring and Bradley was getting stronger as the fight went on.

Brad had massive 4th and 5th rounds staying on the outside and body kicking his opponent, making him miss and then countering with strong bodykicks moving his opponent for big scores. In the 5th round, Brad went out to enjoy himself with his consistent scoring in the bank and he duly did so. This was Bradley's best performance to date and he just goes from strength to strength. He was exceptional and gave Caledonian Muay Thai their first win of 2010!

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