Hostile Intentions II

20 February 2010


Hilary Mack Vs. Maria Curriki (Spain) WIKBA -53.6 kilo World Title

Going the full 5 rounds, we saw Hilary work hard at all ranges to take this unanimous points victory over Curriki from Spain. Rounds 1 & 2 saw Hilary finding her way in the fight with Maria working strong boxing and looking dangerous. As Hilary settled, she was working great kicks from range and then closing to some solid knees in the clinch - clearly working as Curriki repeatedly hooked her leg round Hil's in the clinch and at one point completed what looked to be an excellent scoring Judo technique! Throughout the fight, Maria looked dangerous with her hands meaning Hilary had to pay close attention to her guard. A hard-earned victory for Hil - bring on Greece!

Brian Totty v Ricky Jackson (M-MAG)

In his first fight, 'old' Brian Tottie stuck to a simple gameplan and executed it beautifully. Working from a strong, methodical base, he was able to get real power into his shots as the fight progressed and he managed to stop his opponent in the fourth. Nicely done!

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