Born Fighters

5 June 2010


Michael Anderson v Chris McKean (POS Fight Team)

Michael (left) and Chris after the fight

Michael Anderson earned his stripes on saturday agreeing to take his first fight at 24hrs notice against a heavier, more experienced Chris McKean from POS Fight Team.

Going the distance, both fighters showed good scoring technique, trading round kicks throughout. McKean used his long knee well, in contrast, Michael scored highly in catching McKean's kicks and sending him to the canvas. Hard bout to score, the judges all differed,and the fight was declared a draw. Ballsy performance from the smaller Anderson.

Brian Totty v Chris O’Rourke (Siam Warriors, Ireland) (67kg) B Class

Brian Totty is declared the winner

Brian 'Junior' Totty knew things were going right when he weighed in at 66.6kg and his entry tune was Number of the Beast. Going up against Ireland's Chris O'Rourke, a good technical fighter, Brian drew him into a battle where his strength and will wore the Irishman down.

Totty had him in trouble via a right cross in R2, O'Rourke struggling to stay on his feet and closed the round with a left kick that had him visibly sag.

Knowing he had his opponent rattled and tired, Totty went in to finish the fight, via some strong long knees from the clinch, putting O'Rourke on the canvas and unable to continue.

Thanks as usual go to the corner crew, Senior Totty,Ross Jack, and the coaches at the Grip (Tommy and Lin)that are giving these guys the skills.

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