Oran Mor

19 September 2010


The Venue

The Card

Fight Card (in reverse order)

Jordan 'The Cobra' Calder v Aaron O'Callaghan (Siam Warriors, Cork)

Jordan Calder v Alan Calligan announced at Born Fighters in June

Points win to Jordan.

Michael Wiseman (Griphouse) v Chris Moir (AMAG)

Points win to Wiseman.

Brian Totty (Grip/Scotland) v Joe POS Team (Thailand)

Points win to Joe.

Robert Whiteford (HT) v Neil McGuigan (Efr Ireland)

Points win to Neil.

Andy Napier (Kombat MT/Scotland) v Juan Cervantes (Faktory/England)

Points win to Cervantes.

Ailsa Currie (Grip/Scotland) v Emma Pye (Ireland)

Points win to Pye.

Brian Hyslop (DNFT/Grip) v Darren Gilchrist (Fighter's Hive)

Armbar win for Hyslop.

Kirsty Mack (Scotland) v Linda Ooms (Holland)

Stoppage win to Ooms.

Asma Khurshid (Grip/Scotland)v Annete Fink (Faktory/England)

Points win to Asma.

Mani Singh (Grip) v Eric Pavlowka (GTBA)

Points win to Mani.

Paddy O'Brien (Grip/Scotland) v Tim Holweg (Holland)

Points win to Paddy.

Michael Anderson (Grip) v Mark Price (Wossobama)

Points win to Michael.

Brad Newlands (Grip) v Jp Gallagher (Douglas) Jr

Winner and new Scottish Champion - Brand Newlands.

Jamie Scott (Grip) v Ross Hunter (Wossobama)

Jamie Scott KO Win.

Davie Park (Grip) v Chris McKean (POS Fight Team)

Davie Park KO win.

Opening performance Clanadonia 12.45pm

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