Carnage Muay Thai Show, Bo'Ness

23 April 2011

SFMA Scottish Title - David Williamson v Reece Lochridge (Douglas Muay Thai) 40kg

Junior fighter David Williamson fought in Bo'ness town hall for the SFMA Scottish Title over 5 x 1.5 minute rounds against Reece Lochridge from Douglas Muay Thai (2 other opponents pulled out so this match was made with Reece - a much more difficult opponent with age, weight and fight experience on his side).

R1 saw David take the centre of the ring; calm and composed landing some nice body kicks. In one exchange, David caight Reece's kick and swept him to the canvas for a big score. The fighters then went into the clinch and David turned Reece and again off balanced him and swept him to the floor, David was the stronger of the 2 fighters in the clinch.

R2 saw more of the same with David preferring the body kick and clinch whereas Reece favoured the lowkick with the occasional bodykick and teep. 80% of Reece's kicks were being blocked by David.

R3 was a big round for David which he won with his clinch and consistent scoring with bodykicks.

R4 was closer but David edged this round with Reece's kicks not moving David to show good effect.

R5 was close again. It could have went either way; one of the judges giving it to David for the cleaner knee strikes in the clinch.

All in all it was a great fight and you would have thought that it was David's 10th fight not his 2nd. David won on points to become the new SFMA Scottish Champion! It was a very close fight but David did just enough to take it and become Caledonian's newest Champion.

Stevie Beatie (Carnage) v Dip Singh

Dip wins this boxng bout.

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