Oran Mor VI - Vengeance

11 September 2011


The Venue

The fights, in order

Graeme Dunbar (Griphouse) v Mike Wood (Legions Gym, York) C Class

An assured debut from Dunbar earning a unanimous points victory.

Mike Murdoch (Griphouse) v Russell Macavoy (SMTC) C Class

Murdoch earns the stoppage win.

Tommy Young v Wayne Fisher (ISKA Four Nations Title, 65kg)

An enthralling display of Muay Thai skill sees Fisher take a stoppage win from determined knees.

Bart Miasik (Griphouse) v Calum Mather (Faktory) 62kg

Bart smashes Calum's leg with low kicks to take the stoppage win.

Mikey Wiseman v Linzie Batey (STBA Light Welterweight Title, 63.5kg)

Mikey stops Linzie to claim the title.

Yvonne McCabe (Lanark MMA) v Claire Falconer (Sit Ayuthaya, Hamilton)

McCabe out works and out powers Falconer to secure the quick stoppage win.

Brian Totty v Ahmed Ibrahim (B class 64kg)

An initially gallus Ibrahim gets smashed by Totty who relentlessly moves forward to work the stoppage.

Wullie Dempster v Gordon Smith (STBA Title, 67kg)

Smith punishes but stops short of enslavement (see his shorts for further details). Indomitable title defence sees Dempster stopped.

Mani Singh (Griphouse) v Ian Houillebecq (Legions Gym, York) 61kg

Tremendous exchange of high kicks from both fighters throughout. Mani dropped his guard for a split-second and Ian took that chance to drop Mani.

Jordan Calder v Carl Copestake (ISKA Commonwealth Title, 59kg)

An awkward, unorthodox, powerful Copestake made Calder work for his points, but Jordan took them and the unanimous victory having stepped up a weight for the match.

Stevie Meikle v Craig Jose (ISKA European Title)

Meikle is made of strong stuff, and he needed to be as Jose looked to capitalise on having raised a fearsome egg on Stevie's forehead. Sheer power play from from both fighters saw the result in the balance througout. Jose took the unanimous points win.

Kyle Nicol (Crawley Thai Boxing) v Kev Cottrell (Fighting Fit) (72kg)

Cottrell had stepped in at short notice and when he relaxed a little he ensured Nicol had to work hard to please his vocal support. Unanimous points win for Nicol.

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